Utilize your skills & pro-life passion to save women and their preborn babies in NYC.

You are invited to be a part of a medical community that delivers effective and ethical patient care to women facing unplanned pregnancy in New York City.


In Manhattan, for every 100 black babies born, 116 are aborted – 53% of all conceived. Brooklyn has more abortions than any other county in America.


Of the 59,344 abortions performed on residents of New York State in 2020, 61% were obtained by women who resided in New York City.


In New York State, anyone can get an abortion, regardless of age, immigration status, or residency, up to 6 months gestation.


Over 1/3 (34%) of all pregnancies in NYS end in abortion. The lion’s share of that number is in NYC, with over 37,000 babies aborted in 2020 alone.

What is Pro-Life Nurse Missions?

Who |

Nurses across New York State with a passion for pro-life ministry to women facing an unplanned pregnancy and a desire to learn more.

What |

Short-term RN training on CompassCare’s linear service process (or your own pregnancy care center’s service process) for women facing an unplanned pregnancy in the City of New York.

When |

A week or more that works for you.

Why |

Offers an opportunity for pro-life nurses to provide effective and ethical patient care to women facing an unplanned pregnancy in NYC.

How |

Next steps include completing an application, selecting your training dates, considering accomodations, and more. Start by clicking here.

Your Trainers

Kathy M., BSN, RN

Tamara M., BSN, RN

What our
pro-life nurse trainees are saying…